Bill  Churchill
          Sculpture of Distinction
                                                   Hardwood guaranteed not to warp, twist or crack.


Protected from oxygen, wood will endure for centuries.
Science now understands why wood deteriorates over
exposure to oxygen. Ancient sunken ships have
been found with the wood beautifully preserved
because the water prevented exposure to oxygen.  
Centuries old wood pilings under buildings in Venice,
buried in mud and water, have been found solid and
beautifully preserved. The Smithsonian Museum has
wood carvings over six-thousand years old that still
look new. The Museum research found that an ancient
mixture of Boiled Linseed Oil and Beeswax had
remained flexible, thereby allowing the natural
movement of wood to occur without cracking and
exposing the wood to oxygen. Essentially, each example
created a small protective "time capsule" which
preserved the wood.
A Churchill sculpture utilizes these protective materials.

Bill selects factory milled, two inch thick,  kiln-dried
hardwood, wood with moisture removed in a controlled
environment. He then glues several pieces together
(laminates) for greater strength and stability. This
technique provides a large block of disease-free, stable,
dry hardwood for carving. Thus insuring that the wood
will be free of disease or voids, and will not twist or
warp when the carving process is complete.

With proper care, your Churchill sculpture will last a lifetime.
Never store in places subject to extreme and rapid
temperature changes, such as attics or the trunk of a car.
Avoid placing in strong direct sunlight or under hot accent
lighting...this will fade wood colors. Dust with a soft bristle
paint brush and never apply furniture polish or cleaning
products. Remember this simple rule:
If you are comfortable,
your artwork will be comfortable.

The wood will not warp, twist or crack. I guarantee it.
  Bill Churchill

Definition of sculpture,
Quote: "Carving, a direct subtractive process, is one of two ancient
sculpture techniques. Carved or glyptic sculptures were fashioned from
such durable materials as stone, ivory and wood. The other technique is
modeling, a direct additive process in which a pliable material is built up
around an armature or skeletal framework. Casting, either by the lost
wax process or in sand, is an indirect process (copy) (see
 Wood carvings are original sculpture.

$2,256,000 FOR A WOOD CARVING: Information from the American
Auction House records.
A wood carving is an original work of art, no
copies, and has a warmth, beauty and charm that cannot be equaled by
any other material.   Perhaps because it was grown and nurtured by the
earth, in much the same way that we are, it has an appeal that draws
the viewer to want to touch if to connect on a personal level.   
When this unique quality is combined with sculpture, the result is
unequaled sculpture that connects with the viewer on a personal level.   

     Wall Plaque at the J. Paul Getty Museum