Ponderosa Art Gallery
944 Springhill road
Hamilton, Montana     59840
(406) 375-1212
:  wbgrewe@aol.com

Artwork in the Gallery:

"America's Big Cat"
Mountain Lion in Mahogany.

Dignity & Serenity  SOLD
Native American figure in Teak.

"Drover Saddle"   SOLD
25% scale saddle in Walnut.

"Heads Or Tails"
Rearing horse in Mahogany.

"Roots & Wings"
Resting Falcon in Mahogany.

Artwork shown by
appointment only.

Available Artwork :

Native American figure in floral dress.
27" high in Poplar

"Strangers Coming"   $7,500
Native American figure in a Buffalo robe with
Eagle design.  34" high in Mahogany

"They're Coming"    $3,900
Native American in Buffalo robe with sun burst
design.  27" high in Mahogany.

"Tradition & Honor"   $3,900
Native American figure in Walnut robe, 25" high.

"Weathered Treasure"    $4,900
40% scale saddle in Mahogany, 20" high

I hope you will have time to visit some of these Fine Art Galleries. Many of them are located in what Art of the West and Southwest Art magazines describe as
he top ten art destinations in the U.S."  Your visit will not only include an opportunity to view art created by some of America's top artists, but also a chance to
see some historical sites and breath taking scenery.

Click on the Gallery web site links below to learn more about each Gallery.  They welcome inquiries, and,
I'm confident, will roll out the red carpet for you when
you arrive..
..they are truly great people !                                  
Click on each photo below to see an enlarged version.

Bill  Churchill
Sculpture In Wood          
Hardwood guaranteed not to warp, twist or crack.
Artwork in Gallery:

"Form And Design"    $2,500     21" high in Jelutong

"Ladies Man"            $2,900     23" high in Maple & birch

"Playful"                       $3,500      24" square in Poplar

"Stormy"                   $3,900       28" high in Mahogany

"Western Treasure" $2,900       16" high in Walnut

"Hope Saddle"            $1,900       14" high in Mahogany
Judith Hale Art Gallery                                     
1693 Copenhagen Drive
Inside Solvang Antiques
or....call Judy at 805-688-1222
Seaside Gallery
Tom & Sherie Burgher, Owners
580 Cypress Street, N-4
Pismo Beach, California  93449
(805) 773-8057


"Blanket Artistry"
Native American figure in Poplar, 27" high

"Frontier Icon"
Life-size Cedar gun rig with silver buckle.

"Long Skirt"
Native American figure in Mahogany, 27" high

"Snow Summit Lookout"
Wolf standing in snow, Mahogany, 32" high

Available Artwork :

"Lonesome Charlie Reynolds
Saddle of Custer's Chief Scout in Walnut.
12" high x 19" wide

"Slim Jim & Stag Horns"    $3,900
Gun rig with knife & holster in Mahogany.
Life size,  22" high x 26" wide
Form And Design
Ladies Man
Long Skirt
Blanket Artistry
Snow Summit Lookout
Frontier Icon
Hope Saddle
Western Treasure